What is OneDome offering that others do not?

Why is OneDome Search different to other portals?

Our unique approach enables buyers to search for whatever they want by free text, as they do with popular internet search engines. For example:

2 bedroom flat in Southampton near a good school
and green space for £250,000

Users just type that, and our intelligent search will find properties that match. It then learns from users’ behaviour, refining and personalising searches.

How can estate agents work with us?

Provide us with a live feed of your available properties for sale or rent and we continually update these on our site. You can also take a wait and see approach and we will index properties on your website to make sure they are in front of home buyers. However, if you do not want free listings of your client’s properties and additional revenues, you can opt out by clicking the opt-out link below.

Signing the agreement will give you a guarantee of 100 years of free listings and the ability to get paid when we do.

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